Pioneer TS-WX3000T Champion Series Bass Reflex Tube for High Quality Sound with 1600 Wattage Max
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Pioneer TS-WX3000T Champion Series Bass Reflex Tube for High Quality Sound with 1600 Wattage Max

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Pioneer TS-WX3000T Champion Series Bass Reflex Tube for High Quality Sound with 1600 Wattage Max


  • High Durability:  The Champion Tube SWF is designed with numerous new technologies to enhance durability. First of these features is the buttress ring, its primary function is to help the device retain its stability and linearity during periods of heavy usage/high output. This device also includes an aluminium bobbin that enhances high and capable power handling, it also greatly improves heat absorption. The most impressive of these features is this product’s voice coil. The voice coil is fashioned from high-grade materials and promises zero deformation and drop-down, unlike other brands that suffer wire frying and dropping of the coil with time.
  • Rigid Design & Toughness Structure:  With a gross weight of 9kg, when it comes to sheer toughness, the Champion Tube SWF is in a league of its own. First off, the solid parts are engineered with a rigid mesh and heavy solid material. The amazing thing about the rigid design is the way the toughness blended easily with the overall look of the product; the aesthetic value was not sacrificed for toughness. The optimized shape enables the product to retain high stiffness and also increases its resistance to rough handling.
  • Punchy & Profound Sound: In terms of the sheer intensity of decibels and quality of sound, the Champion Tube SWF easily trumps out other products in the market being 1.3 times louder. It achieves this feat by combining a design optimized for sound output with some interesting pieces of audio technology. The purpose of the larger cabinet is to house the huge pole and magnet to enhance airflow. The large pole dia and large magnet dia power the Champion Tube SWF with a louder bass boost and capable power handling. The Champion Tube SWF beats other products in terms of sensitivity (88dB ), cabinet volume (50.9 liters), and cabinet length (700mm). With this brilliance in sound engineering, the Champion Tube SWF can deliver quality and ground-shaking output in closed spaces as well as the outdoors.
  • Airflow Improvement:  Another awesome feature of the Champion Tube SWF is smooth airflow. This improvement is possible because of the spacious cabinet that significantly improves easily preventable turbulent airflow that causes disturbed and uneven sound delivery. The spacious cabinet allows for smooth and streamlined airflow that results in rich and pure audio quality. This feature is further enhanced by the addition of a Vortex generator that dynamically reduces noise and increases airflow. The impressive thing about this technology is that it is also deployed in cars and airplanes for noise cancellation, now that's a great feature to be found in a subwoofer!


Brand: Pioneer

Model:  TS-WX3000T

Max. Power: 1600 W

Nominal power: 500 W

Sensitivity ※1: 88 dB

Frequency Response: 20 – 2.5 kHz

Subwoofer Weight: 4.5 Kg

Cone material: High Rigid IMPP Cone

Surround Material: High compression foamed resign

Terminal: Push Terminal

Cabinet volume: 50.9 litter

Cabinet length: 700 mm

Weight: 9 Kg


Package including:


       1x Basstube

       Warranty Card




       1-Year Manufacturer Warranty against manufacturing defects only.


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