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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Why Should I sell on Autosparz?

A. Autosparz is an Indian ecommerce company mainly focusing on automobile products. We will play major role to take your products to auto lovers all over India

Q. Who can sell on Autosparz?

A. Anyone selling new and genuine automobile products is welcome.

Q. How does Autosparz work?

A. At Autosparz we follow the Drop-Ship model. A customer logs onto the Autosparz website or application and places an order for desired products. Once an order is placed, our logistics partner will arrive at the seller's location and pick the product and deliver it to the customer.

Q) Can I offer both products and services on Autosparz?

A: Yes. You can sell products and also product installation services on Autosparz.

Q. What are the documents required to register as a seller on Autosparz?

       i. Your business details

 A.   ii. Your contact details - email and phone number

       iii. Basic information about your business

       iv. GSTIN

Q. As a seller, do I have to take care of the packaging materials from my end?

A. No. We will be the responsible for cartons and boxes. However we provide you with Autosparz Courier Bags, Carton Box, Tapes, Stickers, Thank you cards and Sorry cards.  In case you run out, email us with (based on your requirement) at with the Subject Line: Autosparz Courier Bags, Carton Box, Tapes & Stickers Required

Q. Who decides the price of the products?

A. As a seller, you will set the price of your products.

Q. What are the charges for selling on Autosparz?

A. We charge you when you get an order. Listing on is free.

Q. Who takes care of the delivery of my products?

A. Our logistics partner will pick up the product from you and deliver it to the customer. All you need to do is keep it packed and ready for dispatch.

Q. How and when will I get paid?

A. You are eligible to get paid for the order 7 days after the order is delivered including pay on delivery order. The payment will be made directly to your bank account through UPI, IMPS or NEFT transactions.